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Cronan Thompson Memorial Day... and stickers!

This coming Sunday, November 1, is an auspicious occasion for those who knew Cronan Thompson, either in real life or online. It will mark the tenth anniversary of his untimely death, at the age of 19, from lymphoma cancer.

For those who did not know him or have never heard of him, I suggest that you click on the above link. Cronan was a close friend of mine, but he was also a near-legendary figure online, in the days when the Web was young and Usenet still reigned. He was a talented writer with a razor-sharp wit, and I still enjoy reading his stories and rants.

Anyway, I was hoping to unleash some sort of massive troll to celebrate his life and times, but we couldn't come up with anything in time. So, I decided that the least I could do for his online comrades was give away some spiffy stickers. They look like this:

Collapse )

The stickers are 2.75" square vinyl. I just ordered them today, so it may be a couple weeks before I can send them out; but I can attest to their quality. I've used this company before.

If you want some, e-mail me (my address is in my profile) with your snail mail address and I'll send you a few, free.

Chat highlight

ducttapeavenger: I dreamed that Gracie was a turtle last night. It was really weird.
ducttapeavenger: She was an orange, furry turtle. With a cat's head.
vivvianne1: hahahaha. That is funny.
ducttapeavenger: And she would lie back on her shell to get petted.
ducttapeavenger: She lived on a ranch with Clint Eastwood.
vivvianne1: oooohkay then o.O
ducttapeavenger: I so rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, hooo boy.
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I use my bookmarks toolbar a lot, and one of the bookmarks I go to a lot is Google Reader. For some reason, every so often, the icon that represents Reader will spontaneously change. When this happens, it always changes to the icon from Overcompensating, one of the webcomics I read (mostly via Reader).

I think it mainly happens when I click through to OC's website through an RSS post, and it resets to normal next time I open Firefox. But it never happens with any other icon or feed.

~shrugs~ Kinda weird. What's up with that?

Best e-mail evar!

I got this e-mail a couple weeks ago and still don't know what to think. No idea who this guy is, how he found me or why he thought I was the one.

from	Stephen Maddox <>
cc	Victor Infante <>
subject	transferring of the soul
dear DT Avenger,
you understand. andy kaufman transferred his soul to nathan mccoy 
and nathan mccoy's to the body of andy kaufman. you understand. i 
know you do. victor knows as well. he wrote about it in his book that 
i read this morning in a carl's jr.

Now I wish I had included Andy Kaufman in my Elvis and Tupac story.
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