June 14th, 2007


OMG! The Avenger sells out

I have long prided myself in my incredibly geeky license plate, which I often notice inspiring a hearty laugh, if not a click of a camera phone, in cars stopped behind me. However, now that I'm officially an accountant, and will likely be driving this car to clients' businesses at some point, I came to the very difficult truth that it may become a liability. To prevent this, I visited the DMV yesterday and re-registered with a new, boring, non-personalized plate.

I am distressed that it has come to this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the lessening of my geek cred. Alas, I now will never know if my plate would one day be forcibly revoked for "obscenity," like the little old lady at Northwood Tree Farm. Furthermore, North Carolina has begun issuing plates with red text, as opposed to blue. This angers me a lot more than it ought to.

However, fear not; I have not completely sold myself out. To make up for this loss, at least in part, I have pre-ordered a steampunk internet Ouija mousepad for the office (from the mad geniuses at Topatoco):

Furthermore, I was able to keep my old plate, despite my fears that I would have to turn it in. (I even drove it home illegally, since I didn't have a screwdriver to switch it on the spot.) The plate can never legally return to its rightful place, but I can at least give it a place of honor elsewhere. Here it hangs beneath my autographed print of this comic from A Softer World. Did I say I was missing some geek cred?