The Duct Tape Avenger vs. the Jovian Illuminati

The Eye of Providence is a persistent anticyclonic storm on the planet Jupiter.

The Duct Tape Avenger
24 July 1980
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About the Duct Tape Avenger: In fall of 2001, Brendan Dillon was touring the Duck® Brand duct tape factory in Hickory, NC, when an industrial accident caused him to fall into a vat of adhesive material. He recovered, but soon found that his genetic makeup had been altered as a result of the incident. He was, indeed, the man of duct tape.

The Duct Tape Avenger can fire strips of duct tape from his wrists, allowing him to render no-goodniks immobile and to swing from place to place. In addition to the biologically generated duct tape, the Duct Tape Avenger carries a can of WD-40 at all times.

His first public appearance as The Duct Tape Avenger was on Halloween, October 31, 2001. He has since become a sticky pillar of justice in the LiveJournal community. The Duct Tape Avenger sometimes works in tandem with Sticky Girl, the alter ego of Brendan's eldest goddaughter, Emily Jane.

About Brendan: Brendan, the alter ego of the Duct Tape Avenger, is a senior at North Carolina State University, majoring in accounting. He is also a member of the Army National Guard and an Afghanistan campaign veteran.

Brendan is also one of the Mad Scienticians involved in Infusions of Grandeur, a blog of vodka infusions and mad science. In this blog, we create a new vodka infusion flavor every week, describing the process, the results and the cocktails we use them in. Our experiments run the gamut from classic vodka flavors like Vanilla and Strawberry, to the very edge of insanity, as in our celebrated and dreaded Pop Rocks Vodka. You can follow us on our website or subscribe to our LiveJournal feed at vodka_infusions.

You can see some of Brendan's photography at his Flickr page.